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Best Drones for Beginners to Intermediate (and why it’s a whoop!)

Updated: November 2018 What are the best Micro Drones and Tiny Whoops for beginners? The problem of choice The number of micro drones on the market has just exploded in recent years, with dozens of  new models appearing in 2018, most continuing the ‘Tiny Whoop’ design trend, and there’s no

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History and Evolution of the Tiny Whoop Micro Drone

Notice: This article is currently being written and researched. We expect it will be complete within 24 – 48 hours, if you wish to return at that time. Thank you. × Dismiss alert Updated: November 2018 The History and Evolution of the Tiny Whoop Background Released in 2015, the Blade

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Which Brushless Whoop? TinyHawk, US/UK65 and Mobula7

Updated: November 2018 The Best Brushless 1S and 2S Tiny Whoops for Experienced Pilots It’s important to point out here that skilled pilots will have plenty of fun with the Tiny 6X, Tiny 7, and QX65 covered in our beginners article. I own several of these myself and they’re just