076B RC Fixed Wing Aircraft PNP 628mm Wingspan

076B RC Fixed Wing Aircraft PNP 628mm Wingspan

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SKU: G1635415
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Updated: 23 July, 2018

This RC fixed wing airplane is easy to control, you can do
aerobatic flight such as stunt, rollover, inverted fly
effortlessly. Besides, it is equipped with emulate rocket missiles,
drop tank to make it look like a real one. You will sure to improve
your skills and experience an exciting flight.
Main Features:
● Fly stably, easy to control
● Aerobatic flight such as stunt, rollover
● Reasonable proportion, looks well
● With simulate rocket missiles and auxiliary tank, more
● Hidden steering wheel and tail wheel control design, lower wind
resistance and better flight performance
● Modular power system, easy to repair and maintain