80cc 2stroke Cycle Motorized Bike Black Body Engine Motor Kit

80cc 2stroke Cycle Motorized Bike Black Body Engine Motor Kit

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Updated: 14 October, 2018

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Low noise low vibration-speed can up to 38 km / h
Kick start-no battery required, to up
Carburetor included launch performance is conducive for motor
With rubber hose close the fuel tank and Carburetor
Material: Heavy duty metal
Engine color: Silver
Engine type: single cylinder-air cooling system-2-stroke petrol engine
Fuel tank capacity: 2 L
Gear ratio: 18: 1
Compression ratio: 6: 1
Lubricating oil: 2-stroke oil () or 10W/40-10W / 30 oil)
Fuel and engine oil mixing ratio: 16: 1 for new sets-20: 1 500 km run
Fuel consumption: 4 L / 100 km
Fuel: 90No. Clutch type: rub bloc drying
Max speed: 38 km/h
Maximum power: 2..2KW/600r/min (5 – 6HP / 6000r/min)
CDI ignition: turn pinion
Spark plug: Z4C 14 mm
Fits: 24 inches and mountain bikes-road bikes Cruiser chopper with V-frame-
Please carefully check whether your bike with plenty of space for this engine Kit is installed.





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