BST900W DC – DC Digital Booster Module Voltammeter 8 – 60V / 10 – 120V 15A

BST900W DC – DC Digital Booster Module Voltammeter 8 – 60V / 10 – 120V 15A


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Updated: 14 October, 2018

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Main Features
The advanced microprocessor can precisely regulate the output voltage and current
Memory save function for storing 10 groups of parameters, freeing memory and recalling
High-quality power devices with peripherals precision operational amplifier CV and CC loop configuration greatly improves the overall performance of the module
Having an input voltage protection
Having a constant voltage and current functions
Four high-brightness LED can display the output voltage, current, power and capacity and other parameters in real time
Automatic / manual switching display voltage, current, power, capacity and other parameters
With the output OUT, constant voltage CV, constant current CC indicator, you can view real-time job status
You can set whether to automatically output after power
Can be a key to save the current set of voltage and current values
Input voltage: 8 – 60V
Input Current: 0 – 15A
Output voltage: 10 – 120V
Output current: 0 – 15A
Conversion efficiency: 95 percent
Working frequency: 150KHz
Short circuit protection: 20 Afuse
Operating temperature: -40 85Deg.C
Control method: digital Control + digital display
Power display minimum resolution: 0.001W
The minimum capacity display resolution: 0.001A
Output ripple: not more than 50mV





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