DETRUM ISTONE A PRO Receiver with 32bit ARM Processor

DETRUM ISTONE A PRO Receiver with 32bit ARM Processor

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Updated: 20 April, 2018

ISTONE – PRO is the original 6-axis receiver aircraft. It is suitable for normal flying wings and tail planes. It is compatible with the receiver S.BUS and PWM. Compared with ISTONE – increases for beginners and people in safe mode, use FPV, ACRO A receiver is designed. If you turn on safe mode with a second – by plane in a horizontal state switches so sure it will. 32-bit ARM processor high 6-axis MEMS gyro chips
Original aircraft attitude stabilization algorithm, and the algorithm
Support normal wings flying wing-V-tail aircraft
Four modes of flight: Giro off-normal – Item years – and will automatically renew (auto-leveling)
Support on back and lateral attachment
Processor: 32-bit high performance ARM processor