FMS 800MM P51 V2 Big Glider Model KIT Version RC Aircraft Toy Gift for Flying Lover

FMS 800MM P51 V2 Big Glider Model KIT Version RC Aircraft Toy Gift for Flying Lover

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Updated: 3 December, 2017

The North American aviation P51 Mustang was an American long-range-single seat-fighter. It proved economically fast well done and very durable. Power came originally from an Allison, but it was much more successful with the powerful Merlin by Rolls-Royce. The famous models of P51 Mustang was carefully created to give maximum reward for the aspiring pilot. The aircraft has a brushless motor-20 amp ESC and 4 finished installed servos. Installation takes minutes for a simple photo of the Assembly instructions step by step. The EPA construction gives a light, but robust airframe, which take much punishment and compact adrenaline fueled only directly back on its feet in the air – large package fun meet still non verbal this cell – we love dog fighting really real fun become What are with this series of aircraft so wait for
Key features:
Full bolts and EPO material for installation-no need for adhesive – yet durable and strong. Outdoor is the recommended environment even more fun outdoor activities.

With beautiful color and smooth shape of the head – the plane looks nice for a gift. large version of the P51 (2) – looks cool and is a lovely large aircraft doll. Wingspan: 800 mm
Length: 690 mm
Motor: 2408 – KV1700
Transmitter: 4 channels
Recommended battery: Lipo 7.4V 1000mAh 15 C
Servo: 9 g servo X 4
ESC: 20A brushless ESC
Prop size: 4 blade propeller with spinner
Assembly time: 45 minutes
CG () Center of gravity): 65 mm (from the leading edge)
Minimum age recommendation: 14
Level of experience: Beginner
Note: this KIT version contains only an EPO foam body. Radio-system battery charger motor control and servo are not included