Landa Tianrui LDTR – RM09 / B Collision Sensor Limit Switch

Landa Tianrui LDTR – RM09 / B Collision Sensor Limit Switch


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Updated: 14 December, 2018

Collision sensor, also known as electronic switch, is a digital on-off input module necessary for elementary electronic learning. By programming, it can realize control over light, sound device, key choice function of LCD display, etc. Using 3P sensor cable to connect it to sensor shield, it can be installed to 4WD AL alloy mobile robot platform to realize collision detection function. It is both convenient and efficient.
If collision happens upfront of where collision module is installed, module outputs low level signal; no collision, outputs high level signal.
Module reserves M3 mounting hole, convenient for fixation on a car.
With switch indicator light, if there is collision, light is on; no collision, light is out.
Come with a light transparent box for easy carry and store
You can make a collision flasher using collision module and built-in LED on interface 13. Connect the collision sensor to pin 3, when the collision sensor senses a collision signal, the LEDs on mainboard and module will light up simultaneously.