M12864 DIY Transistor Tester Kit

M12864 DIY Transistor Tester Kit


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Updated: 14 December, 2018

M12864 DIY Transistor Tester Kit Graphics Version for LCR ESR PWM MeasurementM12864 DIY transistor tester kit can automatic detect PNP and NPN bipolar transistor, N, P-channel MOSFET, JFET field effect transistors, diodes, two diodes, thyristors, resistors(0.1 Ohm – 50M Ohm), capacitors, inductors. Automatic detection of current amplification factor (B), pin definitions and emitter junction (Uf) through a high threshold voltage and high current in two seconds, only the large capacitance and high inductance measurements will take a long time.Main Features: One key for measurement operation, auto power off delay. Shutdown current is only 20nA, support for battery operation Capacitance measurement range from 25pf to 100mF. 0.09uF capacitance can be detected above the equivalent series resistance (ESR), resolution is 0.01 ohms Inductance measurement range from 0.01MH to 20H, otherwise it will be displayed as resistance if the inductor DC resistance is higher than 2100, that will be displayed as the European resistance. The square wave signal generator can produce optional built-in stall square wave signal within the range of 1HZ – 2MHZ PWM pulse signal generator produce the pulse width modulated signal of 1 – 99 percent The frequency meter function can test 1HZ – 25KHZ or higher frequency signal (in this case a slight decrease in accuracy)