MAD GIGA AP34 Pro Mini PC with Dual-band WiFi

MAD GIGA AP34 Pro Mini PC with Dual-band WiFi

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Updated: 28 February, 2019

Are you still using the ponderous, laggy mainframe Do you know there is coming to the era of mini PC Which is strong enough ( in size, performance, speed, storage, etc. ) to replace your old, heavy, big box.
Main Features:
– Highly Efficient Apollo Lake N3450 Processor: equipped with advanced 64 bit Intel Apollo Lake N3450 processor ( Quad-core processor, up to 2.2 GHz ), MAD GIGA mini PC can decode and transfer your data at a stunning speed. Get it home, experience its ultra-fast performance to get your favorite shows and movies instantly.
– Support dual screen display: built with HDMI dual outputs, seamless connecting two monitors, simplify and double the efficiency of your work.
– Stunning storage: 6GB RAM, 1.5 larger than other ordinary products on the market ( 4G ); 64GB built-in processor capacity and 128GB max extended capacity via SD card, all these large capacity allow you to download and save absolutely various of movies, photos or TV series.
– Super stable and strong connectivity: featuring high performance 2.4G + 5.8G Dual-Band WiFi, 4.0 Bluetooth, four 3.0 USB ports and 1000 Mbps LAN fast internet speed. This MAD GIGA mini pc will deliver amazingly smooth data transfer. Say goodbye to the bothering pop out message: unable to connect to the internet.
– Ultra-low power consumption: this mini PC runs only 6W, more eco-friendly than those heavy desktops, which cost 230 – 250W. Just try a simple calculation: there are 20 people in a company who work 8 hours with desktop ( 230 – 250W ), and another 20 people work with mini PC ( 6W ), WHO would save more electricity
– Mute and compact design: this palm-sized mini PC with no-fan design runs quietly, and small enough to fit on the back of the display. ( a mini PC stand is presented ).
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