SG 700 Satellite Navigation Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter

SG 700 Satellite Navigation Foldable RC Drone Quadcopter


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Updated: 21 November, 2018

Product Description:
The drone can be folded into a small shape, only 17 x 14.5 x 6cm,
easy to carry. It has LED light, the night flight was realized. In
addition, equipped with 6-axis gyroscope, there is a gyroscope
calibration function. It also has a lot of functions, such as up /
down, forward / backward, turn left / right, hover, headless mode,
360-degree roll and so on. The WiFi camera allows you to enjoy the
aerial view on your phone and WiFi control.
Main Features:
●One key taking off and landing, it is easy to operate via
the APP to control the drone to take off or land at one tap.
●Optional WiFi camera. There are three kinds of cameras:
480P / 720P / 720P WiFi satellite navigation.
●WiFi app transmission. The real-time transmission on
screens of smartphones offers a genuine flying experience.
●Altitude hold. Equipped with advanced barometer sensor, the
drone carries out stable flights at altitude and delivers aerial
●Headless mode. Under headless mode, the drone can fly in
any direction.
●3D flips and rolls. When rotating freely, the drone arcs
gracefully in the air.
● Compact form, great functionality. With a foldable compact form
and a stylish look, you can take it with you.
● 720P WiFi satellite navigation version-specific features: gesture
photography, satellite navigation, high-resolution dual camera
Scan QR code, download and install the application, Android (
abroad ), Android ( domestic ) and iOS are all supported.