Upgrade Taranis Loudspeaker for Frsky Q X7 / X9D / X9D Plus and X9DP SE Radio Transmitter

Upgrade Taranis Loudspeaker for Frsky Q X7 / X9D / X9D Plus and X9DP SE Radio Transmitter


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Updated: 10 November, 2018

Taranis speaker Frsky Q X7 / X9D / X9D Plus and X9DP radio transmitter – Video Test:
Specifications: Product Name :
Version: X9D & X9D Plus (compatible with Frsky X9D / X9DP and X9DP SE)
Q version X7 (X7 supports Frsky Q radio transmitter)
Power: 2W impedance: 8 ohm (10%): External Magnetic type
Sensitivity: 86 – Harmonic distortion: 4 shape: round
Dimensions (including the base): 32 (. dia) x 30 (H) mm X9D version 65 (L) x 50 (W) x 22 (H) mm. Q version
X7 Weight: 18.34g X9D) – 23.04g (Q X7 Version) – — The speakers are much better than ever before.
Upgrade process: For X9D version
1. Bring TARNAISE Radio Note: When using the radio transmitter should be turned off. Second Remove the 6 screws on the back of the radio, then open the case. You will see the original speaker. 3 then stops the power cord (1, 2) of the following illustration shows. Then remove the speaker. 3. Apply heat seal to the support, as shown below. 4. Replace the speaker and reconnect the power cable.
5. Replace the cover and tighten. Complete
Q X7 Version: 1 Due to the very small space for installation, we must use bracket to fix the speakers. Upgrade to Ĺ OLT card on the back of the transmitter Q X7. 1 Bring TARNAISE Radio battery. NOTE: When using – 2. Remove the four screws at the rear of the radio and then open subject, you will not see the original speaker as X9D version circuit by circuit outdoor covered. You need to remove the original speaker. Just remove the power cord (1, 2 is shown in the following figure). 4. Change the
Upgraded speaker cable to the original speaker from behind. See the following figure.
5. Then cover the matter and tight screws.
Package Included: 1x Upgrade TARANIS Speaker – 1x bracket (well eliminated from the speakers from the factory)