XUAV X UAV ONE EPO Aeroplane PNP Version

XUAV X UAV ONE EPO Aeroplane PNP Version

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Updated: 21 November, 2018

-Sports and Editon edition luxury for your choice.
-Servo with two axes of the universal joint that fits HD mini-camcorder easy to control and stable.
-ingeniously locate the AV transmitter and radio data makes it very stable signal transmission.
-. Design Propeller: Full-si-new power be as low as the attachment structure and the resistance.
-awesome looking and fantastic form strewmlined
Brand: X – UAV
Object: a plane EPO PNP
Material: EPO
Propeller: 12 x 6 inch folding propeller
Opening wingspan: 1800 mm (71 inches)
Length: 1078 mm (42.5 inches)
Takeoff weight: 2000-2500 g
PNP version